IMBISA 10th Plenary Assembly in Gaborone/Botswana

The Bishops of the sub-continent have just concluded the 10th Plenary Assembly in Gaborone/Botswana on the theme of the FAMILY which was held from 11th to 15th November 2013.

Dr Zinyemba was the facilitator of this theme. He covered the following issues during in his presentations; 1) African family 2)Social reality of the family 3) Theological reflections 4) What shall we do? We will publish his report shortly.

Fr Oscar Wermter distributed IMBISA booklet titled  “The Family In Africa”. Various issues were covered at the Plenary. Mr Mark Atterton from CAFOD presented “IMBISA strategic Plan” where CAFOD offered a partnership with IMBISA to solve the liquidity problem currently experienced by the organization.

The IMBISA President’s report by Bishop Frank Nubuasah and the Director’s report by Fr Richard Menatsi was presented to the Bishops. Mr Paul Makani presented Audited Financial Statements and the 2014 Budget.

The Bishops approved by voting; The IMBISA Strategy,The Audited Financial Statements and The 2014 Budget. Levies to be paid by various Conferences were passed.

The Following documents by Fr Oscar Wermter will help you appreciate what transpired at the Plenary, accessed from publications following this report.

1) IMBISA Booklet – The Family in Africa

2) Imbisa Determined to be strong voice in Southern Africa Region.

3) ZCBC Post election Pastoral 2013

4) Explanation Letter to All Bishops

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