The Family in Africa

In November 2013 IMBISA will hold its 10th Plenary Assembly with the theme of the Family in Africa. This page will be updated regularly with information for Bishops and other interested parties concerning the family and marriage.

Fr Wermter (Pastoral Coordinator) has prepared 4 documents which will complement the theme of the Plenary. It is intended that these are read prior to arrival. There are both English and Portuguese versions of the documents.


1. IMBISA documentation 1

2. IMBISA documentation 2

3. IMBISA documentation 3

4. IMBISA documentation 4


1. Documentacao da IMBISA 1


3. Documentacao da IMBISA 3

The following documents are additional recommended readings:

Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference document entitled Save Our Families

Pastoral Statement on the Cairo World Conference on Population and Development 1994 entitled The Family is the Basic Unit of Society

Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference Pastoral Statement Male Female He Created Them


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